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Implementing zero trust security for cloud native applications

As cloud-based applications and microservices continue to grow, organizations need to rethink their traditional perimeter security models. 

Gone are the days when requests only needed to be verified once before being given complete trust moving forward. In distributed, cloud-first environments, every request needs to be authenticated, authorized, and verified — every time. We call this a zero trust approach to security.

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group report breaks down how a zero trust architecture helps organizations secure critical infrastructure, apps, and services. You’ll learn how identity-driven security from HashiCorp Vault, Consul, and Boundary provides zero trust security throughout the software development lifecycle.

Download the analyst report now to read more about:

  • How to secure applications with the three primary tenets of zero trust architecture: explicit verification, least privilege, and assumed breach
  • The top ten challenges organizations face with cloud applications and microservices
  • Adopting a “never trust, always verify” environment while remaining agile and DevOps-ready

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