Unlocking your cloud operating model: Image management

To fully realize the benefits of cloud computing, organizations must transition to scalable dynamic workflows and management at each cloud layer. From here they can establish central shared services enabled by platform teams to improve speed, increase efficiency, and reduce risk. HashiCorp Terraform serves as the industry standard for multi-cloud provisioning and enables organizations to utilize shared services at the infrastructure layer, but within this layer sits the building blocks of modern infrastructure: system images.

Using Terraform Cloud with HCP Packer allows platform teams to unify their image management workflows with their provisioning processes. This integration enables users to shift security and governance left to the image level and create a golden image pipeline to automate image management across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines.

In this whitepaper you will learn how HCP Packer can help:

  • Standardize image creation to ensure all builds deployed are secure and compliant. 
  • Track all image builds and associated metadata in a central artifact registry. 
  • Automate provisioning pipelines and continuously monitor infrastructure health.
  • Simplify image lifecycle management.

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