Automate an Observable Runtime with Consul, Nomad, and Ansible

Learn how to set up a quick runtime environment using Spring Boot, containers and VMs with HashiCorp Nomad & Consul, plus an observability stack built with Prometheus, Loki & Traefik.

This talk will go over a how to automate a well-rounded, modern runtime architecture for a Spring Boot, VM, container, native environment. The solution is available in Kangaroot's Rootstacks Devfactory repository.


  • Service discovery and service mesh with Consul

  • Runtime environment for vm/containers/native/Spring Boot with Nomad

  • Secure and transparant routing

  • Auditability and logging out of the box, with minimal adjustments needed

  • Monitored environment

  • All buildable through an opinionated Ansible playbook


Raspberry pi

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