Bring Your Own Enterprise Secrets Store to Kubernetes

May 29, 2019

See the Secrets Store CSI driver for Kubernetes in action. This tool integrates secrets stores like HashiCorp Vault with Kubernetes via a CSI volume.


  • Anubhav Mishra

    Anubhav Mishra

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

In this talk, Microsoft's Rita Zhang and HashiCorp's Anubhav Mishra demo the Secrets Store CSI driver which provides a simple way to retrieve sensitive data from enterprise-grade external secrets stores such as Azure Key Vault and full-fledged secrets management systems such as HashiCorp Vault using volumes.

With this utility, engineers can tell Kubernetes which store should be its central source of truth for sensitive API keys, credentials, certifications, and other system secrets.

Watch this demo and learn how to use the Secrets Store CSI driver to mount secrets, keys, and certs stored in common external stores into their Kubernetes applications using a volume. Additionally, you'll learn how you can add your own external secret store via the provider interface.

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