Consul 1.7 Namespaces: Simplifying Self-Service, Governance & Operations Across Teams

Jan 07, 2020

Learn about the new Namespaces feature in Consul 1.7


  • Raymond Austin

    Raymond Austin

    Director of Product Marketing, HashiCorp
  • Kevin Corbin

    Kevin Corbin

    Sr. Solutions Engineer

HashiCorp Consul is a service discovery and service mesh platform that can provide self-service, governance and operations as your application teams deploy more modular services and dynamic networking.

With its newest enterprise feature, Namespaces, it's able to simplify self-service, governance, and operations for larger scale enterprises dealing with organizational complexity across many user environments as they register more and more services.

During this webinar, HashiCorp solutions engineer Kevin Corbin and Consul PMM Ramond Austin will discuss Consul and why Namespaces is a critical piece of the Consul adoption journey toward enabling cloud networking automation. Specific use cases of Namespaces including service registration, network middleware automation, and service mesh will be discussed, and a live demo will be shown.

» Outline

0:00 — Introduction to Consul 8:57 — Multi-datacenter Consul 11:35 — Consul Namespaces 15:23 — Demo: Using Consul Namespaces 26:35 — Q&A

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