HashiCorp Consul v0.7.4

HashiCorp Consul v0.7.4

Feb 09 2017 Seth Vargo

We are pleased to announce the release of Consul v0.7.4. This release includes several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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Consul v0.7.4 includes a number of exciting new features and improvements:

  • Use Host UUID for Node ID - Integrated with the gopsutil library to use the built-in host UUID as the node ID, if available, instead of a randomly generated UUID. This makes it easier for other applications on the same host to generate the same node ID without coordinating with Consul.

  • Specify Minimum TLS Version - Added a configuration option, tls_min_version, for setting the minimum allowed TLS version used for the HTTP API and RPC.

  • New Relay Factor - Added a relay-factor option to keyring operations to allow nodes to relay their response through N randomly-chosen other nodes in the cluster.

  • Updated Go Version - Consul is now built with Go 1.7.5.

  • Resolve by Node ID in DNS - Added the ability to lookup Consul agents by either their Node ID or Node Name through the node interface.

In addition to these new features, there are a ton of bug fixes and tiny improvements. Please review the v0.7.4 changelog for a detailed list of changes.

A special thank you to our community members who have been invaluable in adding new features, reporting bugs, and improving the documentation for Consul.

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