HashiConf 2016 Announcements

We are proud to host our second annual HashiConf US in Napa, California. HashiConf is an opportunity to gather our global user community to discuss where we have been, where we are going, and how HashiCorp DevOps tools can be used to solve the infrastructure challenges of today.

Our development, operations, and security tools have been adopted by a range of companies, from startups to large enterprises and governments. As organizations build mission critical applications around our tools, it is important for us to invest responsibly to maintain stable growth.

Today at HashiConf we are excited to announce $24 million in Series B financing, alongside updates to our tools and the general availability of Vault Enterprise.


The $24 million Series B investment was led by GGV Capital with Mayfield, True Ventures, and new investor Redpoint also participating. This financing will allow us to hire & grow engineering, support, marketing, and sales to continue our mission of solving the most challenging problems in infrastructure and application delivery.

In addition to the financing we are excited to highlight a number of upcoming features in our open source tools, with a focus on security and operator experience.


Nomad is an application scheduler, allowing operators to pool together the resources of thousands of machines and provide them to developers who can easily deploy, update, and scale their applications.

Nomad 0.5 will introduce a number of new enhancements and features; secure cluster communication, native Vault integration, and sticky volumes.

As we focus primarily on security, one of our goals is to enable operators to secure all communication within their Nomad cluster. This includes gossip-based communication between servers, RPC communication between clients and servers, and API calls to Nomad.

A common challenge faced by users of Nomad is how to securely provide application secrets such as database credentials and API tokens to their applications. Native Vault integration introduces functionality to leverage Vault patterns to perform this secure introduction without risk of exposing credentials during delivery.

Finally, sticky volumes allow Nomad to migrate application data between nodes, enabling support for applications requiring data such as Cassandra and HDFS.

Each of these features will be detailed in the upcoming release of 0.5.

»Vault Enterprise

Vault is a secret management solution for organizations adopting microservices and public clouds. Every release Vault integrates with a broader set of databases, cloud providers, and API-driven services to provide a uniform way to manage and secure access.

As Vault continues to see increased adoption and usage, we are making generally available Vault Enterprise, which provides a a graphical interface to update secrets, a global health status dashboard, and an intuitive workflow for initialization and unsealing Vault clusters. Vault Enterprise will add new functionality around collaboration, validation, and automation to help organizations scale and manage global Vault clusters.

Below are a few features of the user interface provided with Vault Enterprise.

Cluster initialization

Initialize clusters, optionally encrypting key shards with operator PGP credentials.

Listing Backends

List available Vault backends.


Authenticate against Vault with tokens, username and password, or GitHub auth providers.

Secret Editing

Edit secrets in the UI directly. These are just a few of the features available in Vault Enterprise.

We are incredibly excited to see the energy and momentum in our community, and we are excited to spend the next few days together in Napa. For those unable to attend, videos of the talks will be posted following the conference.

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