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Standardize infrastructure automation

Use infrastructure as code to provision and manage any infrastructure across your organization.

Infrastructure as code for automation across all environments

Terraform provides organizations with a single workflow to provision their cloud, private datacenter, and SaaS infrastructure and continuously manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.


Onboard any cloud for dynamic scaling using one workflow without any vendor lock-in.


Codify network templates from industry-leading providers to simplify network deployment to all networking estates.

Private datacenter

Provision private estates the same way as cloud estates to optimize hybrid cloud investments.


Augment new user onboarding into SaaS applications to increase productivity with a self-service model.

  • Cut costs with infrastructure optimization

    Unify workflows to gain visibility and automatically enforce cost-centric policies to limit unneeded and insecure infrastructure. Minimize redundant work and improve team productivity.

  • Secure your infrastructure

    Codify and reuse secure and compliant infrastructure. Standardize workflows with the ability to create and enforce guardrails to bridge provisioning skills gaps, continuously enforce policy, and maintain visibility at scale.

  • Go to market faster with a single automated workflow

    Developers can provision and manage their infrastructure easily and quickly with VCS integration for CI/CD, reusable modules, policy as code frameworks, and drift detection.

Testimonials for Terraform

  • With Terraform, infrastructure development and deployment that used to take more than a week can now be done in less than 30 minutes.

    Kevin Defvies

    Decathlon | Information Systems Engineer

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Customer Success Story

A self-driven


Configurations created and updated weekly


Supported applications


Engineering teams

Why Terraform

Cruise uses HashiCorp Terraform to increase engineering agility and rapidly build autonomous vehicle technology.
Increased efficiency and productivity throughout the organization
Mitigated risk of inadvertent errors and improved developer productivity
Automated infrastructure provisioning for 100s of developers
  • Standardize all infrastructure with Terraform and Packer

    Integrating HCP Packer into Terraform helps organizations unify their imaging and provisioning workflows, ensuring images are secure and reducing time to deployment.

Extend Terraform across your IT environment

Terraform provides extensible integration programs with workflow and infrastructure providers to deliver a unified approach to provisioning.


Infrastructure providers


Technology partners

Get started with Terraform

HCP Terraform’s Free tier makes it easy to get started, with up to 500 managed resources, unlimited users and apply cycles, and access to essential security features like SSO and policy as code.