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Start your free 30-day trial of HashiCorp Vault Enterprise

Welcome to your 30-day Vault Enterprise trial. You will receive an email with a copy of this license key as well as links to download Vault enterprise binaries in a few moments. To get started right away, follows these steps:

Download and unzip the Vault Enterprise binary

Verison (changelog)

Linux (32/Arm/Arm64) | Windows (32) | Darwin (32) | FreeBSD (32/64/Arm) | OpenBSD (32/64) | NetBSD (32/64) | Solaris (64)

Execute the binary from the command line to start Vault
Install your new Vault license using the following command:
vault write sys/license text=null
Read the docs

Next, check out our Getting Started Guide to learn how to get access to Vault Enterprise, get it set up, and try out the enterprise features.

Getting Started Guide

Generating your license key...

We are sorry, something has gone wrong and we were unable to generate a license key for you. Our developers have been alerted and are looking into it.

Click here to contact our sales staff directly and they will get you set up with a license key as soon as possible

Trial our premium version which includes all collaboration and governance features:

  • HSM Autounseal
  • Performance Replication
  • Mount Filters
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Sentinel Integration
  • Control Groups
  • Seal Wrap / FIPS 140-2 Compliance
  • Adobe Logo
  • Atlassian Logo
  • Barclays Logo
  • Segment Logo
  • SAP Ariba Logo