Recorded Webinar

Accelerating Cloud Adoption in the Highly Regulated Public Sector

Get an overview of the cloud operating model and how it was used successfully with HashiCorp products in two public sector use cases.


  • Brent Holden
    Brent HoldenGlobal Field CTO, HashiCorp

Bringing a cloud operating model and DevOps transformation to an organization in the public sector can be especially challenging with the high amount of regulation and highly bureaucratic systems that slow down the adoption of new technologies.

In this video, HashiCorp Global Field CTO Brent Holden will introduce a more realistic view of DevOps transformations and cloud operating models by looking past the buzzwords and showing how the HashiCorp stack can be a bridge into the cloud and DevOps for even the most challenging regulatory environments.

This will include overviews of several successful HashiCorp case studies in the US Department of Defense and Goldman Sach's Marcus.

Video Sections

0:00 — The Cloud Operating Model & DevOps Systems

20:30 — Separating Buzzwords from Crucial Technologies: Introducing the HashiCorp Stack

29:09 — Case Study: US Department of Defense

30:25 — Case Study: Goldman Sach's Marcus

31:28 — Success Patterns in the Public Sector

37:54 — Live Q&A


US Dept of Defense Case Study

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