Intelligence community article list: Multi-cloud success for the intelligence community

A series of articles by position level for members of the Intelligence Community around multi-cloud adoption and success.

The Intelligence Community (IC) is moving from a single-cloud community to a multi-cloud community with the introduction of the Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) contract. Leadership is planning for the impact this will have on program staffing and the way systems are engineered, tested, and deployed. Successful hybrid/multi-cloud adoption requires thoughtful, purposeful action as a broader availability of platforms and providers implies the IC must become a smarter and more discerning consumer of the myriad of service offerings.

Regardless of your level or team in the IC community, HashiCorp has a guide to help with this multi-cloud journey.

»A Leadership Guide – Multi-Cloud Success for the Intelligence Community

This article offers IC leaders a guide on the challenges associated with multi-cloud adoption and how to best overcome them.

»A Practitioner’s Guide – Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Adoption for the Intelligence Community

This article will focus on essential practical approaches to effective adoption of cloud addressing some of the key challenges practitioners in the IC should expect to encounter.

»A Security Guide – Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Security for the Intelligence Community

 This article will focus on approaches to establish secure foundations and practices for IC security teams to effectively adopt hybrid cloud infrastructure.

»Just Start! – Implementing Zero Trust Workflows for the Intelligence Community

This article will focus on how to apply the axiom of "Just Start" by implementing an approach to establish secure foundations and practices for the effective adoption of hybrid cloud.

»How to Prevent Lateral Movement (Is the “Bad Actor” Already Inside?)

This article focuses on Applying Zero Trust approaches and best practices towards prevention of Lateral Movement.

»Why you should be using an Identity-Aware proxy (IAP)

This article teaches users how to leverage an Identity-Aware proxy (IAP) to log into systems without a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Public IP address, or an SSH connection to any target machine.

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