Provisioning Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

Dec 13, 2019

Learn why using Terraform makes it much easier to provision cloud infrastructure.

Cloud provisioning is simply easier with HashiCorp Terraform, not least because it works with any and all cloud providers. Another factor is that it uses a human-readable programming language, HCL, not the human-unfriendly YAML or JSON. It focuses on workflows, has reusable modules, and has state, which is at the heart of Terraform’s declarative nature and ability to manage the lifecycle of resources under its control.

In this presentation from DevOpsDays Toronto 2019, Jason Harley, senior SRE at WorkMarket and a former HashiCorp employee, explains these and other aspects of Terraform, including variables and Terraform’s code-plan-apply workflow.

He then runs through a scenario of being on a project team that is given a greenfield initiative of deploying a tiny, new application to AWS, and deciding that Terraform and its infrastructure-as-code approach can make the project go more smoothly.

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