Terraform Run Tasks Ecosystem Continues to Grow

Teams can now integrate oak9 and Torq into the Terraform Cloud workflow via run tasks. Plus: A list of integrations now validated to work with Terraform Enterprise.

The list of run tasks integrations for Terraform Cloud continues to grow.

The HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem continues to grow, providing users with more options to execute their cloud infrastructure strategy and ensure that changes to cloud infrastructure won’t violate pre-existing policies. Run Tasks send details about a Terraform run to these partner tools between the plan and apply stages of a run. They then return a status response with the results. Based on the response, teams can configure their Terraform Cloud run task to continue or halt the run.

We welcome oak9 and Torq as our most recent Terraform Cloud run tasks partners:


oak9 secures your Terraform code by building security and compliance into the cloud architecture design. By integrating with Terraform Cloud, oak9 seamlessly provides security and compliance at every step of the way.


Torq is a no-code automation platform for security teams. Its limitless connectivity and visual workflow building make it easy to automate complex security processes. The integration with Terraform Cloud lets users manage their primary resources directly from Torq workflows using run tasks as a trigger point.

With the addition of these two integrations to our Terraform Cloud ecosystem, HashiCorp now provides 14 different partner products to help customers drive more policy-related workflows across code scanning, cost management, and compliance. Visit our Run Tasks Technology Partners page for details about all of our run tasks integrations.

»Run Tasks Integrations Now Validated with Terraform Enterprise

Following the success of run tasks in Terraform Cloud, we are now enabling Terraform Enterprise customers to directly integrate third-party tools and services at the post-plan stage. The partners below have demonstrated that their run tasks integrations work well with Terraform Enterprise. Terraform Cloud run tasks partners that are now also validated to work with Terraform Enterprise include:


Firefly enables DevOps and SRE teams to rediscover their entire cloud footprint, understand which parts of it are codified vs. unmanaged, detect drifts to prevent service failures, and manage a single inventory of all their cloud resources across multi-cloud and Kubernetes deployments. Firefly integrates with Terraform Enterprise run tasks to help cloud teams cast a cloud safety net and foresee the implications of any change on untargeted assets before deploying it — helping you move faster without breaking your cloud.


Infracost creates cloud cost estimates for infrastructure as code in pull requests, so developers know how much their cloud resources will cost before launching them. The Infracost run task sits between the plan and apply stages and shows a cost estimate for the changes about to be deployed.


As detailed above, oak9 has recently joined our Terraform Cloud run tasks ecosystem, and is also validated for Terraform Enterprise integration.


Snyk helps software-driven businesses develop fast and stay secure. Its combination of developer-first tooling and security intelligence enables businesses to build security into their continuous-development process. Snyk’s run task integration with Terraform Enterprise allows teams using Terraform to find, track, and fix security misconfigurations in their cloud infrastructure as part of their SDLC before they ever reach production.


Sophos is a global leader in cloud and AI-enabled cybersecurity. Sophos Factory and Terraform Enterprise can work together to trigger a Sophos Factory pipeline that can execute any number of use cases, including compliance, cloud security, network automation, and infrastructure automation using Terraform Enterprise's run tasks to trigger the pipeline.


Vantage helps developers understand and optimize their cloud infrastructure costs. It integrates with Terraform Enterprise so that customers can forecast where their costs will end up at the end of the month as well as preview recommendations to optimize cloud infrastructure spending.

»Learn More About Terraform Run Tasks Integrations

Learn more about Terraform run tasks and check out all of the available Terraform Cloud run tasks integrations on the Terraform Run Tasks Technology Partners page. To verify an existing integration, please refer to our Terraform Cloud Integration Program.

We also invite you to get started by trying the free tier of Terraform Cloud to help simplify your Terraform workflows and management.

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