HashiCorp Cloud Engineer Certifications

As a Cloud Engineer specializing in DevOps, IT, Security, or Development, you can use the HashiCorp certification program to earn formal, industry accepted credentials that validate your technical knowledge. Each certification program tests both conceptual knowledge and real-world experience using HashiCorp multi-cloud tools (Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad). Upon passing the exam, you can easily communicate your proficiency and employers can quickly verify your results.

Read about the Terraform Associate and Vault Associate exams.

Cloud Engineer Certification Program Overview

Exam Experience

Certification exams are taken online with a live proctor. This means that all locations and time zones are accommodated. Online proctoring provides the same benefits of a physical test center while being more accessible to exam-takers. The live proctor verifies the exam-taker’s identity, walks them through rules and procedures, and watches them take the exam. Be sure to follow the instructions on your exam appointment confirmation email about how to prepare your computer and physical environment to take the exam.

Your Credential

HashiCorp has partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to offer you a digital badge upon passing a certification exam. There is no fee for this service and acceptance is up to you. Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Badges link back to a real-time verification feature that describes your qualifications.


After purchasing, do I have to schedule my exam right away? Your purchase will sit in your account indefinitely waiting to be used to schedule an exam appointment. However, it is recommended that you schedule your exam appointment soon after purchasing. Exam appointment slots are limited and you will have the best chance of getting your preferred date and time if you schedule early.

How far in the future can exams be scheduled? Once you are ready to schedule your exam, you can create the appointment up to 5 months in the future.

Once scheduled, can I change the date/time of my exam appointment? Yes. There is no penalty for rescheduling an exam before it begins. Instructions for rescheduling can be found on the “My Assessments” tab once logged in to the exam platform.

What is the retake policy? It is recommended that you wait at least 2 weeks before retaking so you have adequate time to review the exam objectives. HashiCorp exams do not include a free retake. Excessive successive retakes will be flagged for investigation.

Can the exams be taken using a Linux operating system? Yes. The exam experience has been designed for macOS and Windows but people have had success using several Linux operating systems. Some documentation from the exam vendor Questionmark states that Linux is not supported. However, HashiCorp has opted out of features with this restriction.

HashiCorp reserves the right to change the policies listed above.

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