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HashiCorp Enterprise Academy Classroom

Boost your adoption of HashiCorp products

Empower your teams with HashiCorp Enterprise Academy Classroom. Build institutional knowledge with courses from HashiCorp Certified Instructors that deliver hands-on product curriculum.

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HashiCorp Enterprise Academy

Available courses:

  • Vault Enterprise

  • Terraform Foundations

  • Consul Enterprise

Why sign up for the HashiCorp Enterprise Academy Classroom?

HashiCorp Enterprise Academy Classroom is instructor-led training for organizations with complex business and technical requirements.

  • Engage with the experts

    Interact with practitioners from HashiCorp’s professional services team

  • Get hands-on

    Grow your product knowledge in sandbox environments

  • Build your expertise

    Work side-by-side with engineers that have run HashiCorp products at scale in production environments

  • Learn best practices

    Consume exclusive reference architecture content and other recommended patterns

Learn from product experts and your peers

HashiCorp Enterprise Academy Classroom includes public courses offered online with attendees from many different companies. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with people from the HashiCorp community, and discuss optimal solutions to your business needs.

  • Virtual learning
  • Curriculum of lecture & labs
  • Comprehensive multi-day training

Our courses

Vault Enterprise

This course covers the install, configuration and adoption of HashiCorp Vault.

  1. Day One
    • Introduction to Vault
    • Deployment & Configuration
    • Installation
  2. Day Two
    • Replication
    • Configuration
    • Automation
  3. Day Three
    • Auth methods
    • Secret engines
    • Namespaces

Terraform Foundations

This course covers the fundamentals to get a base understanding of HashiCorp Terraform.

  1. Day One
    • Introduction to Terraform
    • Command line client
    • Language basics
  2. Day Two
    • Providers
    • Cloud Authentication
    • Modules
    • Intermediate Language
  3. Day Three
    • Templates
    • Provisioners
    • Testing
    • Recommended Patterns

Advanced HCP Terraform / Enterprise

Collaborative workflows and advanced features of the HCP Terraform / Terraform Enterprise platform.

  1. Day One
    • Review
    • Platform and UI
    • Remote State / Imports
    • Workspaces
  2. Day Two
    • Workflows - CLI / VCS / API
    • User & Group Organization
    • Private Module Registry
    • Operations
  3. Day 3
    • Governance
    • Policy as Code

Consul Enterprise

This course covers the install, configuration and adoption of HashiCorp Consul for service networking at scale.

  1. Day One
    • Introduction to Consul
    • Consul architecture
    • Installation
    • Secure deployment
  2. Day Two
    • Service Discovery
    • Service Mesh
    • Configuration Entries
  3. Day Three
    • Gateways
    • Integrations
    • Consul Operations and Maintenance

HashiCorp Enterprise Private Classroom

Training delivered with single customer focus. Scheduled per customer availability.

For organizations using HashiCorp products at significant scale, private courses are available.

  • Private course
  • Virtual or onsite
  • Curriculum of lecture/labs single customer
  • Custom scheduling
  • 3 days

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