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Field Notes: The anatomy of a breach (Americas and Europe)

Learn how to shrink your attack surface and adopt identity-driven security solutions that guard against the 5 stages of a cyberattack.

With multi-cloud adoption comes increased agility, virtually unlimited scale, and the ability to deploy applications in a matter of clicks. But securing modern infrastructure has become more complex as the number of clouds, tools, and resources has grown.

As organizations continue to adopt multi-cloud, they increase the risk of network exposure as teams secure multi-cloud environments for the first time. Layered protection from HashiCorp’s suite of zero trust security solutions helps organizations shrink their attack surface and secure applications, networks, and users at each stage of a data breach.


In the second episode of our Field Notes online series, HashiCorp Field CTOs Jake Lundberg and Michael Wood break down the anatomy of a cyberattack with real-life examples and tips on how to secure your organization. They use real-life examples and experiences from customers across different industries to explain:

  • The five stages of a data breach — and modern solutions to combat each one
  • What zero trust security is and how it reduces your organization’s attack surface
  • The 3 major multi-cloud security challenges that organizations face

A live Q&A will take place during the webinar where you can ask Jake and Michael all of your questions directly.

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Watch the recorded webinar

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Michael Wood
Michael Wood

Field CTO, HashiCorp

Jake Lundberg
Jake Lundberg

Field CTO, HashiCorp