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Field Notes: How to optimize your cloud spend (Americas and Europe)

Learn about the four top contributors to cloud waste and how HashiCorp Terraform helps organizations optimize cloud spend.

Cloud waste is pervasive across all organizations, regardless of their level of cloud maturity. A lot of this cloud spend is avoidable, and four leading factors contribute to it: overprovisioned resources, idle or underutilized resources, a gap in needed skills, and lack of an expiration date for resources.

HashiCorp Terraform helps organizations manage costs, enforce policies, and increase productivity at each stage of their cloud journey. Using Terraform to codify infrastructure can help organizations reduce their cloud spend by up to 20%.


In the third episode of our Field Notes online series, HashiCorp Field CTOs Jake Lundberg and Michael Wood break down what causes cloud waste, what cloud spend optimization looks like at each phase of cloud adoption, and how Terraform helps you:

  • Standardize infrastructure workflows for visibility, collaboration, and automation
  • Establish guardrails and reusability for security, compliance, and operations
  • Optimize at scale across your entire organization

A live Q&A will take place during the webinar where you can ask Jake and Michael all of your questions directly.

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Watch the recorded webinar

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Jake Lundberg
Jake Lundberg

Field CTO, HashiCorp

Michael Wood
Michael Wood

Field CTO, HashiCorp