Recorded Webinar

Achieving Networking Infrastructure Automation with HashiCorp Consul at Workday

When talking about the “shift to cloud”, the focus tends to primarily be around the applications. What is often overlooked is the underlying complexity and demand this puts on network teams as they look for ways to improve their processes and efficiency in managing networks in the cloud. HashiCorp Consul is a service networking solution that aims to solve these challenges through a new tool called Consul-Terraform-Sync. Consul-Terraform-Sync leverages Terraform and its robust provider ecosystem to achieve Network Infrastructure Automation and reduce the need for manual processes.


Workday has recently launched Consul-Terraform-Sync for improving the speed at which they can accomplish traditional networking tasks. In this webinar, we’ll hear from Daniele V at Workday as he explains their journey, both how they started with Consul Terraform Sync and where they are going.


  • 9:00AM-9:05AM PDTIntroduction
  • 9:05AM-9:15AM PDTOverview of NIA and Consul Terraform Sync
  • 9:15AM-9:40AM PDTOverview of CTS at Workday
  • 9:40AM-9:55AM PDTDemo
  • 9:55AM-10:00AM PDTQ&A


Peter McCarron
Peter McCarron

Sr Product Marketing Manager, HashiCorp

Daniele Vazzola
Daniele Vazzola

Infrastructure Engineer at Workday

Devarshi Shah
Devarshi Shah

Sr. Product Manager, Consul Ecosystem, HashiCorp