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Advanced Data Protection (KMIP, KMS, and Transform) with Vault - Americas

During this session, Vault engineers will showcase the unique advantages of Advanced Data Protection (ADP) capabilities using Vault secrets engines like Key Management Interoperability Protocol, Key Management, and Transform.

  1. Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
    • Using Vault as a KMIP server allows users to take advantage of an industry standard protocol to enable applications to perform cryptographic operations while delegating storage and lifecycle to another key management server.
  2. Key Management Secret Engine (KMSE)
    • The KMSE allows organizations to centralize storage and lifecycle management of cryptographic keys across multiple cloud providers and still take advantage of the native capabilities specific to each KMS provider.
  3. Transform Secret Engine
    • The Transform Secrets Engine performs data transformations and tokenization, including NIST vetted cryptographic standards such as format-preserving encryption (FPE) via FF3-1, against various provided inputs.

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Tim Olson
Tim Olson

Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp