Recorded Webinar

Badges of Honor Earned while Pursuing the Cloud

Join HashiCorp and ECS Tech around the metaphorical campfire as we regale you with the wisdom earned while pursing the mythical Cloud. Complete with morals, we hope everyone will learn from our tale of mischief and misery as our team endured to build a hybrid cloud that actually functions a like the cloud is supposed to.


You'll hear from an architect, an engineer, a transformation specialist, and a Jill of all trades as we talk about:

  • The myth of Lift and Shift
  • How to face the lure of containers and other shiny things
  • Finding that right balance between old and new
  • And training your organization to think like a Cloud

Agenda (EDT)

  • 11:00AM - 11:05AM Welcome
  • 11:05AM - 11:45AM Presentations
  • 11:45AM - 12:00PM Q&A


Mike Augustine
Mike Augustine

Sr. Enterprise Architect, HashiCorp

Elise Walker
Elise Walker

Director of Engineering , ECS Tech

Alexander Dembski
Alexander Dembski

Cloud Engitectioneer, ECS Tech