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Zero Trust Security Practices with Consul-Terraform-Sync and Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls

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Cloud adoption is on the rise. As a result the perimeter as we know it is eroding. Enterprises are considering new ways to protect themselves as their attack surface expands with the adoption of new cloud service providers and technologies such as ephemeral environments. Zero trust security has emerged as an effective framework for safeguarding enterprises by emphasizing they trust nothing and verify everything.

Join us to learn how HashiCorp Consul-Terraform-Sync seamlessly integrates with Palo Alto Networks’ Next Generation Firewalls to bolster its critical role as a segmentation gateway in prevailing zero trust architectures.

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Migara Ekanayake
Migara Ekanayake

Global Solution Architect, Security Automation, Palo Alto Networks

Sebastian Maniak
Sebastian Maniak

Sr. Solutions Engineer