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Boundary 0.12 GA Release Brings Multi-Hop Sessions and more! (EST + EMEA)

April 05 | 03:00 PM UTC | 45 min

Traditional products and tools like VPNs or bastion hosts allow users to connect into an organization’s network in order to access infrastructure resources. However, these products lack features to limit user access to unauthorized systems.

Once VPN connection is established, remote users are free to connect any host, device, system, service provided HashiCorp Boundary streamlines the remote user's access (SSH, RDP, databases, kubectl, etc) to infrastructure resources. Boundary also improves infrastructure security by using identities to enforce least privileged principles whereby users or groups are authorized access only to specific target resources pre-authorized by platform administrators.

Boundary also integrates nicely with Vault to manage credentials allowing administrators to automatically provision and inject dynamic, short-live credentials, further improving security.

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Van Phan
Van Phan

Technical Product Marketing Manager, HashiCorp

XingLu Wang
XingLu Wang

Product Manager, HashiCorp


In this webinar, we'll go over the features in the latest 0.12 GA release:

  • Multi-Hops Sessions - Allows remote user access to target hosts with strict network policies or complex network topologies
  • SSH Certificates - Provides remote users with passwordless experience with SSH certificates
  • Host IP address on Targets - Simplifies configuration of Boundary
  • Workflow Approval integration - Provides just-in-time approvals when remote users request access to target hosts

Register for the live webinar