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Recorded Webinar

Vault Multi-Factor Authentication with Cisco Duo

Zero trust security should be comprehensive and accessible. A key component to the HashiCorp cloud operating model is zero trust security where securing infrastructure is predicated on identity rather than securing the network perimeter. Adding MFA to Vault open source — and expansion to HCP Vault — makes identity-based security, for both humans and machines, consistent and accessible at all levels of infrastructure. This release advances our commitment to unlocking the cloud operating model for every business and enabling their digital transformation strategies.

Join HashiCorp Chief Security Officer, Talha Tariq, for an overview of why HashiCorp made MFA available for free across the Vault stack now, and hear from J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO, Duo Security at Cisco on the trends that are increasing the need to institute secure access broadly across the organization, as well as see a demo of establishing MFA in your HCP Vault instance.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • MFA Overview
  • Secure Access Industry Trends for a Zero Trust framework
  • Demo: Establishing MFA in a HCP Vault instance


Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq

Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer

J. Wolfgang Goerlich
J. Wolfgang Goerlich

Advisory CISO, Duo Security, Cisco