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No code provisioning with Terraform


In 2022, skills shortage was ranked as the top multi cloud barrier, and one in five companies are still struggling to fully staff a platform team. To onboard new practitioners into Terraform takes time, and also a non technical audience should be able to consume infrastructure in a repeatable, consistent manner, following all enterprise best practices. Also even the practitioners should be able to consume infrastructure easily, without having to create repositories, workspaces, for a burstable piece of infrastructure.


No-code provisioning in Terraform Cloud lets users deploy infrastructure resources without writing Terraform configuration. This lets organizations adopt a self-service model by giving developers with limited infrastructure knowledge a way to deploy the resources they need.


In this tutorial, you will review a no-code module that complies with our architectural recommendations. Then, you will publish it to your Terraform Cloud private registry and use it to deploy resources. In the process, you will review the no-code workflow from the perspective of two personas: the module author, and the module user.

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Dan Peacock
Dan Peacock

Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp