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Recorded Webinar

Secure Multi-Tenancy with HashiCorp Vault on Azure

In this session, we take a look at the challenge of providing secrets across multiple lines of business (L.O.B) and how to solve this problem using namespaces. The issue is that when Vault is deployed at a central location to manage secrets across disparate lines of business, be that within a company or even across separate companies, the secrets owner wants the ability to manage their secrets in a self-serving manner.

This means that Vault needs to be implemented in a Vault as a Service model allowing each organization (tenant) to manage their own secrets and policies. Most importantly, tenants should be restricted to work only within their tenant scope.

Agenda (AEST)

  • 1:30pm - 1:35pmWelcome & Introductions
  • 1:35pm - 1:45pmDemo
  • 1:45pm - 1:50pmQ&A


David Wright
David Wright

Global Partner Solutions Engineering Lead, Microsoft (WW), HashiCorp

Michael Friedrich
Michael Friedrich

Cloud Solution Architect - ISV, Microsoft