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Tackling the secret zero problem with HashiCorp Vault and Gitlab Pipelines - (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

In the dynamic landscape of software development and deployment, managing sensitive information like API keys, passwords, and cryptographic keys is critical yet challenging. Using a secrets manager is an ideal way to protect your data, but also brings up a major security issue — the “secret zero” problem.

Secret zero is the master secret that protects the rest and is used to access and authenticate into your secrets manager. All a hacker needs to access your network is this one password, leaving your organization vulnerable to attack.

In this webinar, learn how to mitigate the secret zero problem by seamlessly integrating HashiCorp Vault’s powerful, flexible secrets management solution with GitLab pipelines. Attendees will gain insights into best practices and practical approaches for securing and managing secrets throughout the software development lifecycle.

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 Sreenath Premnadh
Sreenath Premnadh

Solutions Engineer, EMEA