Recorded Webinar

Terraform for Higher Education

This webinar offers universities a unique opportunity to learn about a powerful tool that can transform the way they manage their IT infrastructure. By attending this session, they will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of using Terraform, including increased efficiency, consistency, and agility in IT operations, as well as improved collaboration and sharing of infrastructure definitions. Additionally, they will learn how Terraform can help them meet the complex technology needs of their higher education institutions, by supporting a variety of cloud providers and other IT systems. Participants will see first hand how Terraform can help them simplify their IT processes, save time, and deliver better results for their institution.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • About the company behind Terraform
  • How Terraform can solve some common IT Challenges within Higher Education
  • Terraform product demonstration


Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes

Staff Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson

Public Sector Account Manager, HashiCorp