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Recorded Webinar

Achieving Scalable, Dynamic Security Across Multi-clouds with Zscaler and HashiCorp

As workloads migrate to the cloud, trying to secure them with perimeter-based tools creates challenges. Legacy approaches and point solutions aren’t designed to help build or run secure cloud workloads and applications. Instead, they expand the attack surface, expose data, and hinder compliance. The sprawl of disjointed tools to secure cloud native environments create security blindspots and silos for logs and data, reducing the pace of innovation for DevOps.

"Organizations have manually stitched together DevSecOps with 10 or more disparate security tools — some new and some old — each with siloed responsibilities and a limited view of application risk."

Gartner, Inc, Innovation Insight for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms Report August 2021


Join Zscaler and HashiCorp where you will understand:

  • Today’s key challenges and risks in securing cloud-native environments
  • Why businesses are moving from a legacy approaches to Zero trust-based approach
  • How Posture Control and HashiCorp can effectively and efficiently secure cloud native environments based on Zero trust principals

We’ll also review and give a demo of the new Consul-Terraform-Sync integration and how with Zscaler Private Access, security in multi-cloud and hybrid environments can be successfully enabled


Ray Ploski
Ray Ploski

Field CTO, HashiCorp

Gururaj Pandurangi
Gururaj Pandurangi

Field CTO, Zscaler Posture Control