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Zero Trust - Evolving Your Security Posture for Public Cloud

Recorded Webinar

Zero Trust has existed as a frame of reference for security professionals for over ten years. In that time, we have seen a huge increase in public cloud usage and a strong evolution of attack vectors. Has Zero Trust managed to keep pace, or do we need to augment traditional responses with new approaches?


In this session, HashiCorp CSO, Talha Tariq sits down with Grant Orchard, Field CTO for Asia Pacific & Japan to discuss how Zero Trust is evolving as a concept, and the practical considerations you can look at to minimise your risk of a breach in the fast-moving world of cybersecurity.

You will hear about how HashiCorp approaches Zero Trust for their own users and systems, how it fits into their product development, and when building and running their own cloud services.

Grant Orchard
Grant Orchard

Field CTO, APJ, HashiCorp

Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq

Chief Security Officer