Recorded Webinar

Zero Trust Security Webinar: Middle East

Join HashiCorp and other IT leaders from across the Middle East region and learn how to solve your cloud infrastructure security challenges.

As part of the modernisation and migration to the cloud, teams and organisations are rethinking how to secure their applications and infrastructure. Security in the cloud is being recast from static and IP-based – defined by a perimeter – to dynamic and identity-based – with no clear perimeter. This concept is known as zero trust security.

Due to a highly dynamic environment, organisations are talking about a "zero trust" approach to cloud security. But what does “zero trust” actually mean and what’s required for you to make it successful?

HashiCorp Solutions Engineer Mervyn Yan will talk about the impact of implementing "Zero Trust" across an organisation`s culture, security practices, and tooling.


  • Learn about how Vault and Consul can simplify your journey to zero trust security.
  • Get practical advice on how to get started – it’s not as hard as you may think.


Mervyn Yan
Mervyn Yan

Solutions Engineer South Africa & Middle East