3DS OUTSCALE, the Cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, focuses first and foremost on trustworthiness in its operations as a multi-region Cloud provider. Since 2010, 3DS OUTSCALE has committed to a responsible vision for its technologies which have inspired start-ups, software editors, businesses and institutions to innovate for current and future generations. Our mission to offer fully trusted Cloud services is reflected in our promise to meet the highest market requirements, including the SecNumCloud qualification issued by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) in 2019, making 3DS OUTSCALE the first Cloud provider to offer highly secure infrastructure services. This commitment is also demonstrated by our Cloud services and our organization being fully certified in terms of Cloud information security and data management (ISO 27001:13-27017-27018) and health data hosting (HDS). As the guarantor of the fully trusted Cloud in Europe, America and Asia, 3DS OUTSCALE offers a partitioning of the Cloud regions. 3DS OUTSCALE also acts for strategic digital autonomy in Europe as a founding member of GAIA-X. Driven by the talent of its employees, 3DS OUTSCALE is the first Cloud provider to have committed to CSR and to be awarded the LUCIE ISO 26000 CSR label for its sustainable, responsible and inclusive actions.

Getting Started with Terraform

The 3DS OUTSCALE Terraform allows to create, update, and version infrastructure in the OUTSCALE Cloud.