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Grafana has become the world's most popular dashboarding technology for operational data because it unites data from any data source -- from Prometheus and Graphite, to PostgreSQL and GitHub Stats -- enabling users to visualize and correlate data. Grafana is open source and available by download and through Grafana Cloud. Users looking for support, and advanced security and reporting features, along with additional proprietary plugins, like Oracle, Splunk, NewRelic, ServiceNow and Datadog, can leverage Grafana Enterprise.

Getting Started with Vault

If you manage your secrets with Hashicorp Vault, you can use them for Configuration and Provisioning. Before using Vault, you need to activate it by providing a URL, authentication method (currently only token), and a token for your Vault service. Grafana automatically renews the service token if it is renewable and set up with a limited lifetime.

Grafana Labs Logo

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