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Sectigo is a leading cybersecurity provider of digital identity solutions, including TLS/SSL certificates, DevOps, IoT, enterprise-grade PKI management, and multi-layered web security. Recognized for its award-winning innovation and best-in-class global customer support, Sectigo has the proven performance needed to secure today’s digital landscape. As more and more companies are adopting DevOps to shrink development cycles and improve the quality and functionality of their products, engineering teams don’t want to spend their time on certificate management or cybersecurity policy enforcement. With Sectigo PKI solutions, you can automatically provision public and private SSL certificates to ensure the identity and integrity of containers, the code that they run and the production applications that use them. Sectigo Certificate Manager can interoperate with popular DevOps tools and environments through its RESTful API and the industry standard ACME.

Getting Started with Vault

The Sectigo HashiCorp Vault integration is a PKI plugin that provides a seamless solution for the enrollment, collection, revocation, renewal, and replacement of SSL/TLS certificates issued by Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM).It provides the following features: • RSA 2048, 3072, and 4096-bit private key generation • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) • Storage and state tracking of certificates issued by SCM in Vault

Sectigo Logo