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Skytap is a global cloud provider that accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Skytap Cloud is the only public cloud that easily migrates traditional applications to the cloud unchanged - including x86 VMware and AIX, Linux and IBM i IBM POWER based workloads. Once in Skytap, our customers improve business agility by modernizing the technology and processes used to create and enhance their applications. Skytap Cloud integrates traditional application functionality with cloud-native services from many hyperscale providers to offer best of breed service selection and avoid cloud lock-in. Secure network connections are available to other cloud environments or on-premises datacenters.

Getting Started with Terraform

Skytap offers a managed cloud platform that enables organizations to run multiple application types in a single environment. The Skytap Terraform provider allows users to provision and manage Skytap resources.

Skytap Logo