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Today’s enterprises depend on the cloud, data and software to make decisive decisions. That’s why the most respected brands and largest organizations in the world rely on Thales to help them protect sensitive information and software wherever it is created, accessed or stored – from the cloud and data centers to devices and across networks. As the global leader in data protection, our solutions enable organizations to move to the cloud securely, achieve compliance with confidence, ensure trusted access to the cloud, and create more value from their software in the devices and services used by millions of consumers every day.

Getting Started with Vault

Getting Started with Vault The integration between HashiCorp Vault and Thales Data Protection on Demand HSM or Luna HSM enables key advantages, including: • Master Key Wrapping: Thales HSM solutions encrypt the Vault master key in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant platform to provide hardware root of trust for maximum security and comply with regulatory requirements. • Automated Unseal: Master keys are encrypted and stored by the HSMs, allowing users to automatically unseal Vault, using the key stored within the HSM. This eliminates the need for manual unsealing normally done by providing a pre-set minimum number of unseal keys, thereby improving the security posture.