Research Intern

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Position: Research Intern
Reporting to: Jon Currey, Director of Research.
• Perform research to advance the state of the art and HashiCorp's tools, in the area of distributed systems tuning, load balancing and overload avoidance.
• Work with the Director of Research, CTO and members of Consul and Vault teams to identify appropriate research questions, and devise experiments to answer them.
• Development of extensions and modifications to existing HashiCorp tools, to test research hypothesis.
• Co-author internal tech report before end of the internship, followed by collaboration on a paper sent for peer reviewed publication.
Minimum Qualifications
• Must be currently enrolled in a full-time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship/co-op.
• Publications or experience in fields related to distributed systems.
• Experience in utilizing theoretical and empirical research to solve problems.
• Ability to communicate research for public audiences of peers.
• Knowledge of a programming language.
Preferred Qualifications
• Pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related field
• Experience building distributed systems
• Research and software engineer experience demonstrated via an internship, work experience, or coding competitions.
• Knowledge of C++, C#, Go, Java or Python,.

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