Automate remote-access workflows with granular authorization based on trusted identities.

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  • Identity-based access controls

    Use SSO to manage on- and off-boarding users and identity provider (IDP) integrations to streamline access controls for dynamic environments.

  • Secure remote access

    Automate workflows to discover targets and proxy access and broker credentials to infrastructure wherever it resides.

  • Compliance without overhead

    Maintain access, visibility, and session control capabilities regardless of user or operator infrastructure.

Integrate with your existing workflows


Integrate with IDP of choice

Boundary easily integrates with your IDP, including Azure AD, Okta, and many others that support OIDC.

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Integrate with Vault secrets management

Leverage Vault to broker short-lived secrets to Boundary targets for use in sessions.

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Common use cases for Boundary

  • SSH access

    Simplify, secure, and streamline remote SSH access based on a user’s identity through your IDP. Remote user access is provided only to machines authorized by administrators rather than the entire network. Automated time-bound credentials on the remote users’ behalf provide a seamless and passwordless experience.

  • Windows RDP access

    Secure remote access on any TCP connection, including access to Windows machines over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This gives remote users just-in-time access with time-bound credentials that don’t need to be stored on their local machines. All sessions can be monitored, logged, and terminated by a central administrative team.

  • Database access management

    Keep remote user access consistent, secure, time-bound, and least-privileged. Use single sign-on to minimize risks associated with storing long-lived credentials across different databases, machines, and clouds. Plus, improve governance by monitoring and auditing all sessions.

Get started with Boundary

Boundary uses identity to secure remote access to hosts and services across any environment. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.