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Get started with our Cloud Infrastructure Automation as a Service

Cloud Pricing

Collaborate on infrastructure as code for Terraform configurations.

Team & Governance

Collaborate on infrastructure as code, manage users, and enforce provisioning policies.


Everything organizations need to use Terraform at scale.

Need self-hosted?
Terraform Enterprise is a private install for organizations who prefer to self-manage.Contact Sales


Team & Governance


Infrastructure as code

Create and provision infrastructure

Collaborative Infrastructure as Code

Manage and share infrastructure

Team Management & Governance

Manage & enforce teams & policies (as code)

Advanced Security, Compliance, and Governance

SSO, Audit, Private Datacenter Networking

Self-Service Infrastructure

Support for ServiceNow / Configuration Designer workflows


Additional concurrent runs

Option for 1 additional




Team & Governance






Frequently Asked Questions

Terraform Cloud (TFC) is a free to use, self-service SaaS platform that extends the capabilities of the open source Terraform CLI. It adds automation and collaboration features, and performs Terraform functionality remotely, making it ideal for collaborative and production environments. The Terraform CLI performs all runs and stores state locally, unless it is used with a Terraform Cloud or Enterprise account.

Terraform Enterprise is offered as a private installation. It is designed to suit the needs of organizations with specific requirements for security, compliance and custom operations.

Terraform Cloud is offered as a multi-tenant SaaS platform and is designed to suit the needs of smaller teams and organizations. Its smaller plans default to one run at a time, which prevents users from executing multiple runs concurrently.

Terraform Cloud does not prevent you from using other open source tools. You may find that some of them are no longer needed as part of your workflow.

Terraform Cloud offers no restrictions on the providers you can manage. This includes official providers in the Registry, partner providers, as well as community providers available on GitHub. If you can’t find a provider you would like to work with, you are welcome to write your own.

Terraform Cloud is a SaaS application that provides automation and collaboration tooling for Terraform users. It is intended to offer Terraform users an easy pathway into using the Terraform platform and workflows we have built on top of the open source tool. We believe all Terraform open source users will benefit from using Terraform Cloud as well as users new to Terraform. It is ideal for individual practitioners, small businesses, as well as enterprises who do not have advanced security or compliance requirements.