HashiCorp Vault provides scalable, dynamic security across multi-cloud environments.

Example of Vault UI
  • Identity-based access

    Authenticate and access different clouds, systems, and endpoints using trusted identities.

    Identity-based Access Graphic
  • Secrets management

    Centrally store, access, and deploy secrets across applications, systems, and infrastructure.

    Secrets Management Graphic
  • Dynamic secrets

    Generate and distribute on-demand, time-based credentials dynamically based on policies.

    Dynamic Secrets Graphic
  • Data encryption

    Encrypt data during transit and at rest and secure workloads across traditional systems, clouds, and infrastructure.

    Data Encryption Graphic

Integrate with your existing workflows

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Manage Kubernetes secrets with Vault to securely inject secrets into pods and applications.

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AWS services

Integrate with AWS IAM and easily automate access to RDS, Lamda, and other AWS services.

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Common use cases for Vault

  • Kubernetes secrets

    Vault provides several ways to use Kubernetes to securely introduce secrets into applications and infrastructure. Instead of sharing credentials and tokens across pods and services, Vault allows each service to uniquely authenticate and request its own unique credentials.

  • Database credential rotation

    Database secrets engine lets organizations automatically rotate passwords for existing database users. This makes it easy to integrate existing applications with Vault and leverage the database secrets engine for better secrets management.

  • Automated PKI infrastructure

    Vault's PKI secrets engine dynamically generates X.509 certificates on demand and reduces manual overhead. This allows services to acquire certificates without going through the usual manual process of generating a private key and certificate signing request (CSR), submitting to a certificate authority (CA), and then waiting for the verification and signing process to complete.

Next steps

Vault simplifies cloud security automation on fully managed infrastructure. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.