Use cases

Standardize and manage app deployment and delivery in the cloud

GitOps-based workflows helps teams move faster

Platform teams need faster and more efficient operations with less complex workflows. Waypoint helps teams automate software deployments using GitHub Actions and save hours of engineering time weekly.

Get up to speed

Start learning the basics and see what Waypoint can make possible for your projects.


Further your Waypoint knowledge and learn how to use Waypoint to deploy and release applications faster.

Introduction to Waypoint

Waypoint enables you to publish any application to any platform with a single file and a single command. Build, deploy, and release applications programmatically using HashiCorp Configuration Language.

Install Waypoint

Install the Waypoint binary locally on Mac, Linux, or Windows, manually or using a package manager (Homebrew).

Use Waypoint with Docker

Deploy a Waypoint application locally to Docker.

Deploy an application onto AWS Lambda

Deploy a Ruby application onto AWS Lambda with Waypoint


Understand the main concepts underpinning Waypoint, what problems it can solve, and how to get going quickly.

Quick start

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Waypoint on your local development environment.

App lifecycle

Waypoint has an opinionated view on the minimum application lifecycle: build, deploy, and release.


A project contains one or more applications and each one in a project represents a single deployable object.


The waypoint.hcl file configures each Waypoint project and defines how Waypoint builds, deploys, and releases it.

Get started with Waypoint

Waypoint lets developers deploy, manage, and observe their applications on any infrastructure platform. Get started today.

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