Recorded Webinar

Advanced Data Protection With HashiCorp Vault

Learn about typical data protection challenges, measures, and implementations, and see how HashiCorp Vault can solve these challenges and manage these implementations.


HashiCorp Vault provides the foundation for cloud security. It offers advanced data protection features like encryption as a service along with Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and data-masking via the Transform secrets engine. It also provides KMIP and HSM integration. Vault increases agility for deploying new and isolated cryptography and, at the same time, it reduces cost and risk.

Watch this presentation and demo by Vault experts on the data protection strategies Vault allows you to easily implement.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand important security challenges with advanced data protection and encryption in traditional and cloud environments
  • Protect workloads and data across traditional systems, clouds and infrastructure
  • Protect data in enterprise databases e.g. MySQL, MongoDB etc and enterprise Storage Systems e.g. NetApp


0:00 — Data protection challenges and HashiCorp Vault

29:38 — Demo: Adding Vault dynamic secrets and encryption to an existing application

47:40 — Q&A

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