Commodified IaC Using Terraform Cloud

Feb 25, 2020

Learn about how Terraform Cloud makes infrastructure as code practices a lot easier.

Infrastructure as code has gained a lot of traction within DevOps culture over the past ten years and brought significant changes to how we manage IT infrastructure and its lifecycle. We want to deploy it as efficiently and frictionlessly as possible, and there are many different tools available we can choose from.

Using off-the-shelf SaaS solutions can save us a lot of time and other resources. At HashiConf 2019, Terraform Cloud was announced and made generally available, which confirms IaC is getting more commodified and easily available in a cloud-managed format.

» What You'll Learn

This talk will focus on a detailed overview of Terraform Cloud features, such as remote execution, state/lock management, private modules/registry, and others. Furthermore, it will examine how Terraform Cloud abstracts complexity and amends current infrastructure deployment workflows. We will also look into CI/CD integrations, collaboration features, and discuss possible upcoming features.

» Slides

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