Connecting and Migrating Heterogeneous Applications with Consul Service Mesh

Jan 14, 2020

Watch this lightning talk from ServiceMeshCon demoing a service networking migration from VM-based on-prem infrastructure to AKS.


  • Luke Kysow

    Luke Kysow

    Software Engineer

Applications are becoming increasingly decoupled and distributed (typically through microservice infrastructures), allowing more efficient resource usage and reliability. The two most common challenges developers and operations teams face during this evolution are:

  1. How do you migrate legacy apps safely and without interruption to the cloud?
  2. How do you maintain networking connections and secure networking during that migration? ensure the connectivity and security of applications, potentially running

You may be migrating to multiple scheduler clusters in some cases—Kubernetes or Nomad clusters, for example.

In this demo-driven talk, HashiCorp developer advocate Luke Kysow shows how a service mesh pattern can solve both of these problems. HashiCorp's Consul service mesh is an ideal tool for this scenario. It doesn't matter if you need to connect VM or legacy environments to cloud or multi-cluster Kubernetes environments. Consul can secure communications and discover services between all of these environments. See how it works in Kysow's demo.

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