Extending Nomad with Plugins

Mar 03, 2020

Learn how Nomad plugins work and learn how to make them.


  • Chris Baker

    Chris Baker

    Nomad Backend Engineer, HashiCorp

The Nomad orchestrator provides multiple customization points through the use of plugins. Nomad's core capabilities can be extended by the larger open-source community, in addition to enabling proprietary plugins targeting in-house systems.

Nomad currently contains two plugin systems:

  • Device plugins allow discovering and scheduling custom resources and physical hardware
  • Task driver plugins allow supporting custom application runtimes, such as alternative container technologies and native executables.

» What You'll Learn

In this talk, Chris Baker, an engineer on the HashiCorp Nomad team, gives an overview of both of these systems and demonstrates how you can develop your own Nomad plugins.

» GitHub Repo

Visit HashiTalk 2020 Nomad Plugins for the code from this talk.

» Slides

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