Fully SaaS-Based DevOps with Terraform Cloud and GitLab

Feb 27, 2020

Watch this demo of a CI/CD pipeline built using GitLab, Terraform Cloud, and Vault.

In this session, Mayank Tahilramani, Kelly Hair, and Kawsar Kamal will explain how to leverage GitLab CI/CD with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud and Vault. The talk will discuss and demonstrate secure provisioning on GCP using “as code” based operations by combining GitLab’s SCM and CI/CD pipelines with Terraform’s infrastructure as code (IaC) workflows. Security and separation of concerns will be implemented using private GitLab CI/CD Runners in GKE, Terraform Cloud Workspaces, Vault’s GCP secrets engine, and Sentinel for policy as code.

Using this approach, organizations can continually build and iterate with versioned artifacts. They can benefit by achieving faster application deployment times while maintaining a high security posture with consistency across the organization.

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