Growing HashiCorp From Dorm Room OSS

Hear the story of how Mitchell Hashimoto took the software he developed in his dorm room and turned it into a successful open source project, and later founded a company based on several other open source tools he helped create.


  • Mitchell Hashimoto
    Mitchell HashimotoCo-founder, HashiCorp

Vagrant was HashiCorp co-founder Mitchell Hashimoto's first successful OSS project. He started building it in his college dorm room in 2010. For years, he made exactly $0 from Vagrant and actually spent more money on it than he received.

In 2012 he founded HashiCorp so he could work on his projects full time. Today, HashiCorp software is downloaded multiple times every second, the company behind it is valued at nearly $2 billion, and the projects remain MPL2-licensed with vibrant communities.

This talk explores:

  • The path Mitchell took building sustainable open source projects
  • How the projects changed over time
  • How the technology had to change over time
  • How his personal role changed
  • The challenges he foresees in the future

Mitchell's goal with this talk is to give a glimpse into his experiences and hope this gives more data for the ongoing, bigger picture discussion of sustainable open source.

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