HashiCast Episode 12 - Paul Hinze and Robbie Th'ng, HashiCorp

Aug 06, 2019

This episode features HashiCorp's Paul Hinze, Engineering Director of Terraform, and Robbie Th'ng, Product Management Director of Terraform. Join us as we chat with Robbie and Paul all about Terraform! Find out why it took so long to release version 0.12, the excitement about Terraform Cloud, and what pizza we prefer.


  • Luke Kysow

    Luke Kysow

    Software Engineer
  • Rebecca Zanzig

    Rebecca Zanzig

    Software Engineer
  • Iryna Shustava

    Iryna Shustava

    Software Engineer

The all things Consul and Kubernetes special edition of HashiCast. It is KubeCon and we know you have not yet had enough of Service Mesh. Join us as we chat to the team behind the Consul integrations for Kubernetes. We get real insight into how these features work, and some real world patterns on how they could be applied.


  • Nic Jackson

    Nic Jackson

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp
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