HashiCorp Vault + Google Cloud: Creating and Managing Dynamic Secrets

Apr 25, 2018

Vault allows users to leverage any trusted source of identity to enforce access to secrets and systems. The release of Vault 0.10 offers a new secrets engine for Google Cloud allowing users to create dynamic credentials based on IAM policies. Watch this webinar to learn how HashiCorp and Google have teamed up to help organizations secure their cloud environments.


  • Jeff Mitchell

    Jeff Mitchell

    Engineering Manager, HashiCorp
  • Seth Vargo

    Seth Vargo

    Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

The world is moving from static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure and enterprises face a number of new security challenges. In the dynamic world, controlling connectivity between cloud, applications, and infrastructure requires controlling access to systems and secrets while also securing data over low-trust networks based on trusted identities and roles. Addressing all these challenges at scale is difficult and can create potential vulnerabilities to outside threats. HashiCorp Vault introduces the concept of leveraging any trusted source of identity to enforce access to systems and secrets. Vault allows security and operations teams to reduce the complexity of managing secrets in cloud environments and save significant time and effort managing large scale cloud deployments across different environments and regions by integrating authentication, authorization, and secrets, all within the same workflow.

The release of HashiCorp 0.10 introduces a number of new features for improving organizational security, including a new Secrets Engine for Google Cloud. Users on Google Cloud can now dynamically generate credentials based on IAM policies and use those credentials to access secrets. The secrets engine is the latest integration of HashiCorp Vault and Google Cloud. Existing features like Spanner storage, GCS storage, and JWT token authentication provide peace of mind to organizations looking to secure their Google Cloud infrastructure. This webinar, featuring Jeff Mitchell from HashiCorp and Seth Vargo from Google Cloud, talks about these integrations and shows demos of using Vault to secure Google Cloud.

» Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What new features are available with the release of Vault 0.10
  • About existing integrations and the new secrets engine for Google Cloud
  • How to create a secure cloud environment using Google Cloud and Vault

» Agenda:

  • 00:00 - 00:06: Introduction to Vault 0.10
  • 00:06 - 00:26: Vault 0.10 Feature Demo
  • 00:26 - 00:37: Google Cloud & Vault Integrations
  • 00:37 - 00:46: Vault on Google Cloud Demo
  • 00:46 - 00:54: Live Q&A
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