How to Avoid Common Terraform Pitfalls Around Opening GitHub Issues, Auth Methods & API Objects

See examples of the common anti-patterns used in Terraform around insecure authentication methods, working with tricky API objects, and then learn how to request help and features from the community and HashiCorp.

Mahamed Ali, who is a reliability engineer at Rackspace, and also a contributor to knative, HashiCorp Packer, and the Google Cloud Terraform provider, will present some of the biggest mistakes he sees being made in the Terraform user community.

What You'll Learn

This talk will cover three common areas of pitfalls:

  1. Insecure authentication methods (not using temporary credentials)

  2. Working with tricky API objects (choosing the best resource from complex options)

  3. Getting help and requesting features (Asking the right questions, in the right place, at the right people)

This quick, 11-minute talk should give you a few useful takeaways that can make your Terraform teams work a little more smoothly with fewer issues.

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