Case Study - Nomad Auto-Proxy with Consul-Template and NGINX

May 15, 2017

Justen Walker explains how uses HashiCorp Consul and Nomad to allow hundreds of developers to have self-service access, despite relying on NGINX static configs—and with a remarkably small DevOps team.

In production, has 40+ Nomad agents, controlling 300+ jobs, composed of hundreds of microservices.

Justen's DevOps team also uses the NGINX load-balancer to route all its HTTP traffic. But the team is small—fewer than 20 people to service hundreds of developers—so to prevent becoming a bottleneck, they needed a way for developers to self-service. And that's a problem, because NGINX requires static configs.

In this talk from HashiDays NYC 2017, Justen covers:

  • how they set up Nomad and Consul to achieve this
  • how they prevent "brittle" NGINX configs from becoming a problem
  • how they implement multi-region support
  • gotchas, tips and tricks


  • Justen Walker

    Justen Walker

    Senior software engineer, DevOps,
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